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Jagath C. Ramanayeke
President - RamaDBK Ltd.
MBA (Tokyo), BSc (Colombo)
The history of RamaDBK runs as far back as 1988 and completes its twenty third year in 2011. As a young entrepreneur at the age of 21, I was the pioneer of this dwell-established company, now hosted in our own building in Shinkoyasu, Yokohama. This is only a 20 minute drive from the capital Tokyo of Japan.
When RamaDBK was established, we faced many challenges in building a market for used and recondition vehicles. The vehicle export trade was conducted completely by Japanese exporters at that time. The biggest challenge faced by us was to change the mindset of the buyers to purchase from a non-Japanese dealer. However, throughout the years we have built up rapport with a sense of responsibility and trust among our customers.
Gradually, we became successful in gaining the highest market share in the vehicle export industry in Japan. With the rapid advancements of technology followed by globalization, business became easier to conduct. The internet became our main platform for trading vehicles. Daily through our website we walk miles around the globe.

We have made it very convenient for anybody with internet access to select and import a vehicle of their choice. Our online inventory includes pictures, details and prices of most of the vehicles in our yard and the buyer does not need to be physically present in Japan to purchase their dream-vehicle.

RamaDBK engages in a variety of activities in order to satisfy our global customer’s needs as well as our domestic customers. With years of experience in the Japanese vehicle industry, RamaDBK gives high value towards its reputation, hence it is one of the best established vehicle exporters in Japan. We constantly strive to maximize the operational efficiency in order to pass on our cost savings to customers in the form of affordable vehicles and spare parts.
Our prime objective is to be a reliable company and to help our customers obtain a vehicle of their choice from Japan. We believe satisfied customers create a chain-reaction of total sales per year, as word of recommendation is a powerful tool in the digital world. Thus, under my leadership and most importantly is our willingness, confidence, commitment and to think in long-range terms, RamaDBK had its gradual climb to achieve a distinguished name in most parts of the world.
RamaDBK operates with a multinational team of around 40. Our employees consist of members that are native in English, Japanese, Russian, French, Singhalese and Tamil. A daily morning meeting which is a traditional Japanese corporate custom is conducted to share information within the staff and update them accordingly.
As the President of RamaDBK I proudly recommend our dedicated and professional staff for your service. It is through their loyalty towards RamaDBK that we are able to succeed in providing our customers with the best service available.

President of SLBCJ

Dec 2017 ~ Current

Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan (SLBCJ) - Recognized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan as an institution to promote Business between Japan and Sri Lanka.


President of SLAAJ Dec 2012 ~ Dec 2017

Advisory Board Member of SLAAJ Dec 2017 ~ Current

Sri Lanka Automobile Association in Japan (SLAAJ) (Recognized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan, A self motivated, non-profit making social Organization that is functioning while interacting with the Embassy of Sri Lankan in Japan and the Sri Lanka Government authorities ) since 2012.


Director of JUMVEA

Dec 2011 ~ Current

Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) was formed on June 1, 1997 with the approval of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), presently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
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