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Why Japanese used car ?

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Good quality low cost Japanese used cars are usually very difficult to find and unless you know a lot about cars its easy to make a wrong decision and buy a car which will probably fall apart quickly costing you thousands more in parts and labour. In this website we'll show you how to find, buy and import a quality Japanese used car, saving you thousands while getting a reliable, good condition vehicle. And its easier than you think!
Japanese used vehicles are renowned for their quality engineering, and good value and reliability. Japanese drivers are careful to maintain their car cosmetically and mechanically so virtually most cars put up for auction are in great condition. Japanese cars are usually equipped with many options so you'll find things like auto air conditioning, power steering, power windows, air bags, ABS, and more, come with the car.
The popularity of Japanese used cars has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. There is an increase in the availability of used cars in Japan. The reason for this lies in the life styles of the Japanese. No cars other than the Japanese ones can excel in both performance and price at the same time. It is well known the Japanese used cars are very popular in many foreign countries and one of the reasons for the popularity is they have superb performance and overall excellent quality.
Used Japanese CarsJapanese used cars are popular in the world for less engine troubles. In the event of an accident; cars are always replaced with new parts in the exterior as well as the interior. The fuel consumption is lower in Japanese used cars. Automatic transmission is better in Japanese used cars than the others.

We believe that Japan is the best place to buy used cars mainly because cars in Japan are very carefully maintained and Japanese roads are one of the best in the world. Considering these facts, we can safely assume appreciate the popularity of Japanese used cars as they are economical and an obvious value for money and high quality.
The Japanese Government has a very strict car safety system which increases the cost of ownership over time. Any car over five or six years old becomes very expensive to test and service so drivers prefer to buy new cars and put the old one up for auction.
Our strong ties with Japanese used car auction sites, car dealers and suppliers give us clear advantage in meeting our customers' needs for high quality Japanese used cars at very reasonable prices. All the Japanese used cars we acquire go through a rigid inspection in accordance with strict Japanese regulations to ensure best quality for what you pay.

Re-building salvage cars

In this case, a salvage car is shipped as it is, either in a car ferry (ro/ro method) provided it can move on its own power (is drivable) or ship in a container. The biggest challenge with buying salvage cars from Japan is making sure that you have all needed spare parts to rebuild and repair a car. Very few companies offer the option of supplying salvage cars with necessary spare parts and when they do they add high margins on the top of their purchasing costs and the process is slow since they have to buy parts from somebody else.
RamaDBK is in a unique position of being both salvage / used car supplier and supplier of used and brand new spare parts.
If you are interested to buy a car please check our stock page.
Also please check with our representative regarding availability of needed spare parts.

Smart cars for the future

Government regulations for car makers are becoming stricter every day in countries like Japan and the U.S.A. Many such new regulations will make it mandatory to incorporate computer assisted systems embedded in cars to prevent accidents and / or to minimize the damage in case of accidents.

Within next five years , Japanese car makers such as Toyota , Honda and Nissan will have features like " Computer assisted automatic braking". Such cars will apply brakes automatically in events such as sliding , and will cut down on car accidents.

Smart cars of the future will also be equipped with warning systems which are linked with various sensors and embedded computer systems. For example , a car is approaching a signed and the signal is about to turn red , but the driver has not applied the brakes , in such case , the car sensors will sense the danger and will give warning to the driver.
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