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Odo-Meter Check Service

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With Association of New Zealand’s most known Odo-Meter Inspection Service Company Automotive Technologies Limited (ATL), RamaDBK is proud to present our customers with ODO Meter check service.
This will help to protect our customers greatly from any meter wind-up troubles that may occur after the vehicle arrive at their destination port since this check is done before the vehicle is shipped.
Please note that we will only be directing our customers to this 3rd Party company and ATL will invoice you directly for any services provided by them. Please contact them directly for the list of prices for each country.

We have also recently completed a MAF Work Inspection Manual in conjunction with New Zealand MAF and Kiwi Car Carriers to ensure that all of our inspection systems meet with their approvals when undertaking our inspections at MAF Inspection Centers.
RamaDBK Ltd will not take any responsibility regarding any meter wind-up issues that may occur after arrival to your country. The only guarantee we can provide regarding the mileage is the information we receive from the auction data, and if there were any mismatches between the actual mileage and the data provided by the auction we do not take any responsibility for that. If you want a certificate of guarantee you can contact ATL directly for the Odo meter check service and they will provide you with a certificate of guarantee for the mileage. if you have any questions about this please contact us
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