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RamaDBK After Sales Guarantee

 For International Customers

Vehicles under six months after refistration date or mileage under 1,000 KM with thia guarantee logo will be granted international warranty if six months from RamaDBK which ever comes first.

 Specially For Sri Lankan Customers

We thank you for selecting a vehicle from us, as a responsible organization, we wish to warrant the engine and transmission system of your vehicle for a period of One year or 1,00,000 km subject to the following terms and conditions.
Clause A: Vehicles under one years of age after first registration date.
The warranty period is 12 (Twelve) months or 1,00,000 Km (Hundred Thousand) whichever comes first.
Clause B: Vehicles under two years of age after first registration date.
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 Car Wash Packages

  • Quick Wash
  • Detail Wash
  • Wash & Wax

 Auto Detailing Packages

  • Interior & Exterior Detailing
  • Total Amount

 Lubrication Packages

  • Lubrication
  • Under Carriage Degreasing
  • Detail Wash
  • Vaccum Floor / Seats & Truck
  • Windscreen & Glass Cleaning
  • Tyre & Dashboard Dressing
  • Exterior Waxing
  • Visual Safety Check

 Specialized Services

 For Sri Lankan Customers - Laugfs Car Care Center

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