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On January 14th 2019, Toyota showed for the first time its new Toyota Supra at the Detroit Motor Show in America. This new model is the 5th generation of the Toyota Supra, the small sport car manufactured from year 1978 until year 2002. As this car still has many fans all over the world, Toyota [...]
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Ismail is manager in a consortium of companies operating in diverse industries, as medical equipment, logistics and international trade in Maldives, a beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Recently, he started looking for reliable trucks to expand his local logistics business. After consultation with his drivers, he realized that Japanese trucks would be the best [...]
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Mr Zubair is a doctor living in Rahim Yar Khan, a large city in the Punjab Province, Pakistan. As he was looking for a reliable car for his family, he began searching for a vehicle on the local market. Yet, he could not find what he really wanted for some time. Then Dr Zubair decided [...]
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