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Every year the Sri Lanka festival is taking place during a week end in the center of Tokyo near the park of Yoyogi. RamaDBK president, Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, a prominent member of the Sri Lankan business community in Japan, has been supporting the Sri Lanka Festival for many years. In 2018, RamaDBK was holding a [...]
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Mr Henderson is managing a tour company in Barbados, a top destination in the Caribbean for tourists from Europe and from North America. As he needs to expand his fleet, Mr Henderson has begun searching for buses of his favorite brands in very good condition with a clean cabin. He prefers Japanese Mitsubishi Fuso buses [...]
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Daihatsu, one of the smaller Japanese vehicle makers partially controlled by Toyota group, had been manufacturing the Altis model as OEM under licence since year 2015. From August 1st, Daihatsu is offering a new version of the Altis with an hybrid engine and also with increased security systems as an intelligent clearance sonar to prevent [...]
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