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Sudath is living in Kadhawata, a prosperous district in the suburbs of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. Sudath is working as lecturer in a University, but at the same time, he has established a vehicle dealership. Within just one year, he has already imported on order for his customers more than 20 cars [...]
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Mr Mainza is managing a Highschool near Livingstone, a city on the Zambezi river in the South of Zambia, famous as tourism centre for the Victoria falls, the largest waterfalls in the world. Mr Mainza was looking for a large bus with more than 50 seats to transport pupils for commuting and during school excursions, [...]
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Jerome is a marine chief officer from Sri Lanka, working hard on sea vessels several months in a row and coming back on the island for the rest of the year. For long, he was dreaming to own a stylish new SUV for him and for his wife. He was especially interested in the Toyota [...]
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