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Mr Jagath Ramanayake has set up his vehicle export company, Rama DBK ltd, in year 1988, and after 30 years, Rama DBK is one of the oldest companies settled by a Sri Lankan national in Japan. During all those years, Mr Ramanayake has also been actively involved in the development of the business and trade [...]
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Linah is a doctor, living in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in East Africa. She was looking for a new SUV but she could not find a vehicle with the right quality on her local market. Then, a friend of hers has recommended her to source a car directly from Japan. After checking vehicles on [...]
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Mr Shafiq is originally from Bangladesh, in South Asia, but he has been leaving for many years on Australia, where he had come for his studies. Now, Mr Shafiq has settled his own company of import and resale of machineries to his homeland, Bangladesh. Owing to his technical knowledge and to his acute understanding of [...]
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