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RamaDBK is an one-stop car shop with commercial and non-commercial vehicles. As a world renowned Japanese car exporter we pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, including the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of a wide variety of quality Japanese New and Used Cars and car parts from Japan. RamaDBK was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the selling of Japan New and Used Cars on the Internet.

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Mr Monir is a reseller of second hand vehicles and construction machines in Chittagong, the biggest port of Bangladesh, a populous country in South Asia. He has been importing several excavators and passenger cars from RamaDBK already over the past few years. Yet, as his company is expanding rapidly, he needs to increase his stock [...]
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Mr. Fernando is managing an investment company in the suburbs of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. As he has been impressed by the huge growth of the local market for Japanese new or nearly new vehicles over the last few years, he has decided to begin his own small car import business. After [...]
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Dr. K. Dumindu, a doctor in Sri Lanka, wanted to purchase a new car for his family. In order to get the best vehicle for his family, he has contacted a famous exporter of vehicles from Japan to Sri Lanka, RamaDBK. After receiving an inquiry by email, RamaDBK sales coordinator Saham has contacted Dr. K. [...]
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