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RamaDBK is an one-stop car shop with commercial and non-commercial vehicles. As a world renowned Japanese car exporter we pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, including the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of a wide variety of quality Japanese New and Used Cars and car parts from Japan. RamaDBK was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the selling of Japan New and Used Cars on the Internet.

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Nito is the owner and the general manager of a medium size transport company in Mozambique, in South Eastern Africa. He has already purchased several small and medium sizes buses from RamaDBK over the past few years. Mozambique is a large country with more than 2000 kilometers between Maputo, the capital in the South, and [...]
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Bob is the owner and the manager of a construction company in the suburbs of Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. To further develop his business, Bob needed a concrete pump truck, in very good condition and new enough to comply with the very strict regulations about emissions in New Zealand. In order to [...]
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Toyota Motors has reported that the company has sold 79,303 new Toyota CH-R compact SUVs from the beginning of year 2017. The Toyota CH-R is the number one SUV sold in Japan for this period. And in April 2017, the CH-R is even the vehicle that has been the most sold in Japan for all [...]
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The Sri Lanka Festival 2017 has taken place in Yoyogi park in the center of Tokyo on the 24th and the 25th of June. This event was organized by the Embassy or Sri Lanka in Japan for the 13th year in a row, and as always, RamaDBK was participating to the Festival. While some shows [...]
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The car industry is making rapid progress worldwide with a tremendous amount of innovation made during the last decade: hybrid and electric vehicles, hydrogen cars in Japan, new technologies reducing emissions, imbedded safety systems and so on. Yet, that is still nothing compared to the next great leap forward that will revolutionize the way people [...]
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