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RamaDBK is an one-stop car shop with commercial and non-commercial vehicles. As a world renowned Japanese car exporter we pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, including the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of a wide variety of quality Japanese New and Used Cars and car parts from Japan. RamaDBK was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the selling of Japan New and Used Cars on the Internet.

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Mr Roel is manager in a middle size construction company in the Philippines, near Manila. He needs reliable trucks to move large quantities of sand, stones and earth to construction sites near the capital. He prefers Japanese second-hand trucks, as they are strong, generally in good condition and rather cheap owing to the low cost [...]
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Mr Park is running a small size industrial company in Seoul, South Korea. Since childhood he loves motor vehicles, especially sports cars. He is particularly fond of the now legendary Japanese sports car models, less prestigious than luxury brands, but very well designed and manufactured. His preferred models are the Nissan GT-R R32, the Toyota [...]
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RamaDBK is a famous exporter of new and second hand vehicles in Right Hand Drive countries, and it is also a well established car seller it Japan. As she is always enjoying human interaction, RamaDBK sales coordinator for the domestic market, Mrs Kato, is very popular with Japanese purchasers. Mr Suji has just retired from [...]
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Mr Sunil is the president of a famous customs clearing company in Sri Lanka. For more than 25 years, he has been the first person to see RamaDBK vehicles in the port, and he has always been impressed by the outstanding quality of our vehicles. Over the years, he has become a personal friend of [...]
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Mr Albeity is the president of a vehicle dealership in Dar Es Salaam, the main port and the economic center of Tanzania, in East Africa. In February, he was looking for a 29 seater Toyota Coaster or Hino Liesse bus for one of this customers. After a few days or research, he has found a [...]
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