Russia Import Regulations

Russia Flag
Country Code+7
Time Difference-6 Hours (GMT+3)
PortVladivostok, Novorossyisk, St Petersburg
Shipping Line---
CurrencyRussian ruble
DocumentsInvoice, Insurance

Popular Models

Cheaper vehicles like the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Fielder are the most popular models in Far Eastern Russia. Else, vans like Toyota Voxy, Nissan Leaf or trucks like Hino Ranger are popular on this market.

Left-Hand Drive

Cars in Russia are Left Hand Drive.
Yet, Right Hand Drive vehicles are still imported in the Russian Far East. Passenger cars must be 3 to 5 years old, on the basis of the manufacture date (not the first registration date written on the Export Certificate)
No pre-shipment inspection required.When the vehicle has arrived in Russia, it has to pass a radioactivity check since the nuclear accident of Fukushima in year 2011.

Documents Necessary for Clearing an Imported Vehicle

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Insurance
  • Packing list
  • Customs declaration
  • Single Administrative Document (SAD)

Importing Temporary Vehicles

Temporarily imported vehicles, whose temporary use has been extended beyond one year, enjoy partial import tax relief. In such cases, a customs charge of three percent of the total cost of the vehicle is assessed each month. Total cost for this purpose is the original product Price plus all import taxes. Advanced assessment of up to three months may be required. If the vehicle is re-exported, these fees are not returned. If it is sold, the monthly fees already paid by the time of sale are included in the import taxes Assessed.
Vehicles imported into Russia as a contribution to authorized capital of enterprises with foreign investment are exempt from the value added tax for one year beginning from the moment of enterprise registration.

Importing Personal Vehicles

Individuals moving to Russia permanently from other countries are exempt from import duties for one vehicle, except new vehicles with engine size over 1,800 cubic centimeters. Residents of foreign countries are exempt from import duties for temporary import of one vehicle for a period not to exceed one year, for Personal use or use by the members of the importers family.
Permanent residents of the Russian Federation who stay abroad for over six months without interruption are also eligible to import one vehicle without paying import taxes, except new vehicles with engine size over 1,800 cubic centimeters. Individuals should provide customs officials with a customs declaration that includes the retail cost of the vehicle. The prospective importer should also be prepared to authenticate the retail cost. Otherwise customs officials will assess the cost themselves based on price information maintained by Russian Customs.
Favourite Vehicles