Used Car System Solutions (USS) Reopens USS-Ryutsu

One of the largest auction companies in Japan “ Used Car System Solutions (USS) ” reopened its Partner company USS-Ryutsu. The opening ceremony was held in Noda city last week.

RYUTSU is the place where oversees customers are commonly seen as the majority of clients are foreign nationals.
This time it will operate with 4 lines simultaneously, also targeting at least 4,000 units a day.At USS-Ryutsu 70% of vehicles will be Vans & Trucks and most of them are selected vehicles for export markets.

Most of the leading vehicle exporters were invited for the opening ceremony and among the VIP guest, RamaDBK CEO Jagath C. Ramanayke was given a prominent position by the USS-Ryutsu Auction.

There were many other guest who participated for this event.

Mr. Hattori Futoshi. President — USS Group
Mr. Okawa Itsuki President — Japan Used Car Assosiation
Mr. Kimura Tosho Director — JUMVIA
Mr. Ogawa Yukio
Mr. Sekiguchi Ryohei
Mr. Arani Naim Urugani

Public date: May 16th, 2008
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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