Suzuki Swift Sells 1,000,000 Units Around The World
The Suzuki Swift is sold in 115 countries around the world and built in six countries across Asia and Europe: China, India, Indonesia, Hungary, Japan and Malaysia. The Hungary plant, with 306,852 units, accounts for a third of all Swifts built. India’s numbers though are more interesting to look at. While Hungary produces cars for all of Europe, Suzuki in India has managed to produce a whopping 241,348 units for the domestic market alone.

The Suzuki Swift comes as a three-door or five-foor hatch with either a 1.3 / 1.5 liter gasoline engine or a 1.3 liter DDiS diesel engine. The top of the line Sport model gets a 1.6 liter VVT gasoline engine, as well as a sport-tuned chassis.

Public date: June 23rd, 2008
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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