Deadline for importing second-hand cars in Zimbabwe

Import-vehicles-to-ZimbabweZimbabwean government has finally decided to report the ban for importing vehicles older than 5 years old, from June 31st originally, to October 31st 2011.

There had been some dissensions between  officials, some of them telling the deadline would definitely be in June while others maintained that it would be in October, as the consultation of all the stakeholders were not finished. Finally, the Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister, Mr Nicholas Goche has declared that “ no one will be barred from importing vehicles which are more than five years old or more until the consultative process is completed. “Therefore, the effective date restricting the importation of second-hand vehicles into the country remains 31st October by which date the consultative process would have been completed to which my office will give further direction,” he said, putting an end to the dispute.

Yet, because of contradictory information, there has been much congestion in the past few weeks in Beitbridge Border Post, the main entrance of used vehicles arrived on the African continent from Durban port.

RamaDBK is offering fair priced buses and trucks to its Zimbabwean customers so that they can import the vehicles they need before the new regulations come into force next October. RamaDBK sales staff are taking orders and are arranging shipping of the vehicles as rapidly as possible.

Public date: June 1st, 2011
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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