New Cars: Introducing all-new Toyota Mirai 2021.

Mirai 6

 Toyota is continuing with one of its flagship vehicles, TOYOTA MIRAI. The all-new Mirai 2021 is redesigned with a sophisticated yet elegant design, the hydrogen fuel cell electric with Zero emission expected to be available late 2020. The new design is coupe-like with a lower, longer, and wider design. It is a great balance between elegance with sporty looks. The Hydrogen powered Mirai is a blend of power and efficiency, the Hydrogen Cell Electric Mirai delivering a Zero Emission drive, which unlike an electric car only takes 5 mins to refuel.

Mirai 2

 The interior is as fascinating as the exterior. The modern technology is incorporated greatly with exceptional comfort. One stand out feature is the 12.3-inch touchscreen display with individual customizing capabilities. The head-up display and multi-information display provide the best assistance to the driver. Keeping your eyes where it should be the perfectly balanced displays provide meter highlights, safety alerts, music selections, and more. Plus the heated and ventilated front and rear seats help keeps everyone comfortable.

Mirai 4

Public date: October 16th, 2020
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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