A Toyota forklift for a Sri Lankan customer.


With RamaDBK we advertise what we can deliver. We take great pride in locating particular units for our valued customer as it shows our commitment to customer satisfaction. Mr. Lakmal Jayasundara from Sri Lanka contacted RamaDBK to locate a specific Forklift to suit his requirements and he spoke with our Marketing Executive Mr. Amanulla ‘Aman’. Mr. Lakmal informed Mr. Aman all of his requirements and with the help from purchasing team, Mr. Aman starts to comb through the Japanese auctions to locate the specific item.


Locating these forklifts is not an easy task as not many good condition units come to auction and only a company with great experience with similar experienced Marketing Executives can get the units located. Mr. Aman along with RamaDBK is exactly that and as assured to Mr. Lakmal the ideal forklift was located and send. Mr. Lakmal satisfied with the received item send few photos to express his gratitude and thanked RamaDBK and Mr. Aman for the excellent service provided.


So if you are looking for similar item before making any final decision contact RamaDBK and check our services and prices, with our experienced staff we will locate the impossible for possible price.

Public date: September 25th, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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