CAT 320D a big excavator machinery for a Kenyan customer.


When buying Machinery extra care has to be given as all companies do not have the capabilities to handle special orders especially large Machinery like a big Excavator. RamaDBK has a great team set up to handle orders where we have experienced technicians visiting and checking the machinery in person before shipping to the customer. Mr. Otieno from Kenya was looking exactly for that experience when searching for a Big Excavator CAT 320D and he spoke with our experienced Asst. Manager Sales Mr. Amila Rodrigo. Mr. Amila handled similar requirements before and straight away arranged offers and Mr. Otieno selected the best unit suited from him.


 Still, with some doubt about the condition of the truck, Mr. Otieno was greatly surprised that the machinery exceeded his expectations when arrived and send Mr. Amila photos of the unit including a promise that he will continue business with RamaDBK exclusively.

For any machinery big or small contact RamaDBK. We offer genuine condition and genuine mileage so you are 100% certain of the purchased unit. Experience the difference one time and we will exceed your expectations every time.

Public date: September 15th, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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