New cars: Honda going fully electric with the new ‘Honda e’.


 First unveiled at the International Motor Show Germany in 2017, later unveiled the production version in the same show in 2019. Unveiled as a 3-door hatchback concept and later upgraded to a 5-door production car, the name ‘Honda e‘ was confirmed by the automaker in May 2019. The vehicle is given a ‘retro’ look incorporated with 1973 first-generation civic. Designed very much for the intercity usage with a compact hatchback design it has received high marks for driving pleasure.


 The most stand out point about the ‘Honda e’ is the camera replaced with side mirrors and unmatched dashboard which is quite simply impressive. The instrumental panel consists of five screens, including one dedicated instrument display in front of the driver and two large infotainment touchscreen displays flanked by two smaller displays for what Honda calls its Side Camera Mirror System. Both Android Auto and Apple Car Play both supported and the car is equipped with Honda personal assist.


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Public date: September 3rd, 2020
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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