A Malaysian customer looks to RamaDBK for luxury cars.


 When large vehicle exporters look for partnering companies, they are not just looking for high quantities for budget cars but also high quantities of luxury cars. RamaDBK has the capabilities to get the best Japanese luxury cars, best European luxury cars, and plus any exotic Italian sports cars. With a unique requirement list, Mr. Ashraf from Malaysia contacted RamaDBK and met with our Malaysian expert Mr. Saham and discussed how his requirements can be obtained effectively and promptly. Mr. Saham handling similar requirements for major dealers especially from Malaysia gave clear information to Mr. Ashraf impressing him immensely. More details were discussed and a business plan was outlined for immediate action.

 So if you looking for luxury cars or any exotic sportscars contact us. We will arrange vehicles from the UK, Australia, Thailand, and Left Hand Drive from South Korea. We at RamaDBK truly offer complete solutions and we are ONE STOP CAR SHOP.

Public date: August 26th, 2020
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