Zoom session with renowned yogi Sri Soham Guruji.

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18th Aug 2020 marks the 26th Wedding Anniversary of our chairman Mr. Jagath Ramanayake & Director Mrs. Samantha Ramanayake. On this special occasion, the office was treated to a special zoom session with the renowned Yogi Sri Soham Guruji. It was a very spiritual and fruitful session with great knowledge sharing about immune system boosting, facing life challenges, and simple yoga practices to improve your day to day life. Further, the session was interactive and was open to questions and many asked how to face the current pandemic related situation positively and successfully. Soham Guruji answered all questions with great examples and drawing experiences from his own life which left everyone feeling positive and re-energized. Summarizing the session Soham Guruji informed to be Positive, high expectations can lead to disappointment so manage your expectations properly and stay away from negative energy. Answering a question from Mr. Hayaki Ramanayake, Soham Guruji said, we sometimes need darkness to see the stars, so if you are going through a dark period in life approach it with a positive attitude and you will prevail. RamaDBK staff thanked the management and Soham Guruji for the opportunity.

Public date: August 21st, 2020
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