Philippines customers look towards RamaDBK to start a business.

Nuwan San Ms Kitty Lim

 The toughest times create the toughest challenges but these challenges must be faced and overcome with utmost care. RamaDBK being a pioneer of the Japanese vehicle exporting business still attracts new customers even at this toughest time. Ms. Kitty Lim and her business partner visited the RamaDBK HQ at Yokohama to discuss how they can develop a business to export vehicles to the Philippines and what services RamaDBK can offer to get things organized. Ms. Lim met with RamaDBK CEO Mr. Jagath Ramanayake and discusses in full detail how RamaDBK can be the backbone they need to get the business off the ground and support in every aspect of exporting from purchasing to checking to shipping, RamaDBK will be the best partner. Further our experienced Sales Person Mr. Nuwan also met with Ms. Lim and offered his expertise. Ms. Lim and her business partner were very thankful for the clear and precise information received from RamaDBK and informed that they will soon return to get things started.

 If you are looking to start a vehicle business and looking for the best partner, look no further, RamaDBK is the best. We will provide full service from auction selection, to checking the vehicle including odometer confirmation to shipping. We at RamaDBK are pioneers and will continue to be the business leader.

Public date: July 22nd, 2020
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