A 29 seat Toyota Coaster for a Kenyan customer.


 Quick response and quick feedback are signs of good customer care. When Mr. Michael Omondi from Kenya sent an inquiry looking for a 29 seat coaster bus he was looking to make a purchase urgently. As per his urgency, a quick response was very much required. Mr. Omondi’s inquiry was received by our experienced sales coordinator Mr. Arosh and he contacted Mr. Omondi without delay and checked his requirement. Even though the required vehicle was not in stock at the moment, Mr. Arosh sprung into action and coordinated with the RamaDBK purchasing team and located the ideal Coaster bus. Pleasantly surprised by the quick responses he was getting, Mr. Omondi confirmed the unit and requested urgent shipment. Mr. Arosh prioritizes the rest of the process and Mr. Omondi sends his gratitude along with a photo.

If you are not getting the required response, contact us at RamaDBK and give us a try. We will meet all your needs, may it be urgent shipment, easy payment plans, or search for that rare vehicle, RamaDBK is the exception and we will exceed your expectations, guaranteed!

Public date: July 2nd, 2020
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