Renewing great partnerships!


 Following the same business model even though it was successful up to a point is risky if you don’t adapt to new environments.  You have to assess the conditions and demands; then re-evaluate your current business plans. One of the reasons for the success of RamaDBK is how it keeps evolving and changing to suit the market and the needs of the customers and the best part is our customers play a huge role in our decision making. Mr. Abas scheduled a meeting with our Sales Staff Mr. Saham to discuss future plans and what benefits can RamaDBK offers in the tough market conditions. Mr. Saham laid out the current plans in place and informed us about the great benefits we are giving customers to keep the business moving. As per the needs of Mr. Abas, few changes were made to suit his needs and agreed upon a renewed partnership moving forward.

So if your plans were changed to the new conditions and you wish to get a tailored plan for your business contact RamaDBK and we will work with your work for you and together we will reach new heights. Call us today.

Public date: June 24th, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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