Hiace van purchased for a Sri Lankan school.

Basith Hiace

 A good quality vehicle for long time use was the requirements of Mrs. Sujeewa when looking for a Hiace van for Aquinas College located in the town of Borella, Sri Lanka. Logging to Ramadbk.com she submitted an Inquiry stating her needs and within 24 hours our Sales Coordinator Mr. Basith who is experienced in Sri Lankan sales contacted Mrs. Sujeewa and re-confirmed her requirements. Further gave her some much-valued information about the vehicle clearing process in Sri Lanka and the Tax for the vehicle. Impressed with the information received, she decided to purchase a Great ‘Brand New’ Hiace from RamaDBK. Once the vehicle cleared Mrs. Sujeewa informed Mr. Basith that the Hiace has exceeded exceptions of her and the college and send her appreciations.

For any requirement personal or commercial, RamaDBK is the best place for vehicle purchases. We will locate the best vehicle for your requirement and budget together with RamaDBK experienced sales staff you will be well looked after.

Public date: June 4th, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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