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 Slow and steady but moving forward always, is the way to survive in any tough situation. Customers need assurance that companies will find ways to keep operating so they are able to follow up on their purchases and continue the business. RamaDBK always prepares itself in any situation so we can provide customers with continuous support, providing a sense of safety that all customers need when purchasing vehicles. Mr. Ifaaz from Indonesia met with our Sales Coordinator Mr. Saham to check procedures & precautions put in place in current situations so he can make a decision on purchasing vehicles from RamaDBK. Impressed how RamaDBK was operating even in the toughest times to provide customers with supports and feedback Mr. Ifaaz informed that he is more than happy to continue business with RamaDBK.

 Our customers know how RamaDBK provides the best support and always adapts to any situation swiftly. So if you are having problems with current vehicle providers contact our sales coordinators and check our procedures. We work for you to give you the best continuous solutions for all your vehicle needs.

Public date: May 28th, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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