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 Best service and value for money service is what any customer requires when searching for a service provider. RamaDBK understands this very clearly and always looks new ways to enhance its services and widen services provided and this has been one of the main reasons that we attract new customers from around the globe. Mr. Anfash from Indonesia is a new customer who was searching for vehicle provider with experience and great service. He met with Mr. Saham who is one of the best Sales Coordinators and gave information on all the services available with RamaDBK and further explained how RamaDBK can be the best business partner for his company. Impressed by RamaDBK and Mr. Saham Mr. Anfash left Japan with great assurance that he has made the correct choice with RamaDBK, THE MOST TRUSTED SOURCE OF USED VEHICLES FROM JAPAN.

 We invite all the new customers to come and meet us at RamaDBK and experience our services first hand, we can assure you that our services are unmatched and can be adjusted as per your requirements.

Public date: May 1st, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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