Exploring new ways to move forward.


 To any business it is important to evolve and change with the new times ahead, repeating the same formula will limit the business success. RamaDBK is a business always exploring new avenues to expand the business and that is the reason why it has stood the test of time. When you explore new avenues, it is important to know the customer needs and understand the market and we always value our customers’ input so we can minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. Prabash who is one of our best sales executives specialized in Sri Lanka met with Sri Lankan businessmen Mr. Krishan and Mr. Shehan to explore new avenues in exporting. We further believe these ideas can be implemented in other countries with adjustments as per the country’s rules and regulations.

Please keep in touch and check our news feeds regularly, we will keep you updated with our new developments and business ventures, so you can be part of it. If you have any ideas where RamaDBK can play a part in it let us know, we will be glad to hear them.

Public date: April 24th, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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