Honda unveils new Fit 2020.


 Honda has unveiled the newly redesigned FIT hatchback compact car. Honda is intending to market this as a “globally-accepted standard” for compact cars.  The new-gen Fit retains its overall design structure and increase the safety measures for the passengers. Powered with Honda sensing advanced system, the setup gains a front wide-view camera, which works with eight sonar sensors front and back to enhance the Fit’s emergency auto braking functionality. For the fourth-generation model, it’s standard-issue equipment on all trim levels.


With the new models, Honda is further introducing an e:HEV two-motor hybrid system, which we believe will be available in many Honda hybrid models. Not much information has been shared by Honda but it is set up to be the core HYBRID system with emphasis placed on electric power over internal-combustion engines.

Public date: April 15th, 2020
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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