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 Withstanding the test of time, RamaDBK is continuing to attract new customers from all around the wall. Dealing with tens of thousands of customers we have learnt valuable experience which we share with new customers openly so they reap the benefits without facing the difficulties. Also, an experienced sales person equipped with market knowledge can be a great asset to the customer. Mr. Saham is one of our best experienced Sales Person who met with new customer Mr. Zahir from Indonesia. Mr. Zahir was searching for clear information to improve his vehicle importing business and RamaDBK with Mr. Saham provided the best partnership. As always Mr. Zahir received great insight and information of exporting vehicles with what is the best way to proceed and what are the situations to avoid; decided to partner up with RamaDBK.

Our Goal is to provide the best vehicles and services to all our customers and take their business to the next level. So, call us or visit us, we will share our knowledge and resources, your growth is our target.

Public date: April 10th, 2020
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