The best Toyota coaster bus with a 1hd engine for a Malawi customer.


A perfect vehicle is very important for a particular job assignment. Many of our African customers contact us to look for that Ideal vehicles, may it be a certain engine type or certain model type, RamaDBK is always up to the challenge of locating that perfect vehicle for you. Mr. Knowledge Chisi from Malawi was looking for a particular Coaster Bus for his commercial transport business in his home city of Kasungu with a special 1HD engine. As he was looking for this particular vehicle he got in contact with our vehicle expert Mr. Lenga, who received full information of the vehicle in question. Once the information is received Mr. Lenga with help from RamaDBK expert purchasing team sprint into action and located the best-suited IHD engine 1998 Coaster bus. Once all the process was completed Mr. Chisi was very much satisfied with the received vehicle and send his appreciation to Mr. Lenga and RamaDBK team.


So if you are one of those customers who are unable to find the perfect fit vehicle for your job assignment contact us at RamaDBK and let us do the searching for you. RamaDBK has great sales and purchasing team who are able to locate any vehicle you are looking for, contact us today.


Public date: April 2nd, 2020
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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