Dream vehicle Toyota C-HR for a Sri Lankan customer.

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Purchasing that ‘Dream Vehicle’ is a must in anyone’s agenda. May it be a small passenger car or well-designed SUV, everyone has a dream and with RamaDBK we look to full fill your dream. Mr. Dinusha is a very big fan of the Toyota C-HR design, its sporty look has always made an impression on him. So naturally, he contacted RamaDBK to fulfill his dream of obtaining his dream car. Mr. Dinusha contacted our Sri Lankan sales expert Mr. Punsara and informed him that he is looking to purchase a 2 Tone C-HR with a customized body kit. Mr. Punsara checked the current prices and made a budget for Mr. Dinusha and gave him full details on how to purchase the vehicle through RamaDBK Ltd. Satisfied that he was in safe hands, Mr. Dinusha ordered the vehicle from RamaDBK and the rest as they were history.

RamaDBK takes great pride in delivering the ‘Dream vehicles’ to all of his customers. Whatever the need of the customer RamaDBK will locate the best ideal car to suit all of your needs. Contact us and takes the next step in full filling your dream.

Public date: February 5th, 2020
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