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 Each customer has different needs and finding the best solutions for the customer is what RamaDBK is known for. That is one of the main reasons that prominent customers and dealers visit RamaDBK HQ in person, so they can speak with the salesperson in-person and set up a great business plan. As mentioned in previous news posts RamaDBK is now the leading vehicle provider for Malaysia and many dealers want to take benefits from RamaDBK services. Mr. Sheikh from Malaysia is one of the recent dealers who visited us in Japan. As per usual our most experienced Malaysian Sales Person Mr. Saham met with Mr. Sheikh and gave him all the information on all services provided by RamaDBK. Mr. Sheikh was very happy and informed that he is very impressed with the services of RamaDBK and the business procedures in place. Satisfied with his decision to visit RamaDBK HQ, Mr. Sheikh left with vehicle purchasing agreements with Saham and RamaDBK.

 If you are a new dealer looking for the perfect business partner to provide vehicles or if you are a long-time dealer who is looking for a better vehicle provider, RamaDBK is the best place for all your vehicle needs. Contact us or visit us once and you will know the difference.

Public date: December 25th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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