Toyota unveils 1000cc Toyota Raize.


With 2020 around the corner Toyota has introduced a great addition to its impressive vehicle line a 1000cc smaller SUV with great design Toyota RAIZE.

The new Raize is a compact SUV small passenger car that measures less than four meters in length. It caters to the desires of customers who want to drive an SUV, who want to load their cars with a lot of luggage, but who also wish to have a car that is compact and easy to drive. The car was developed to be “active, useful, and compact.” Easy to use both for leisure on weekends and for everyday use, the Raize provides daily support for customers in a variety of active scenarios.


RamaDBK always leads the way when introducing new Japanese vehicles to the international market, invites the customers to contact our sales staff and get more information. If you like the SUV driving comfort but still prefer smaller vehicles, this could be the perfect fit for you.

Public date: December 11th, 2019
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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