Great first purchase Toyota Coaster bus from Rama DBK.

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 Looking for the perfect vehicle is very difficult, especially when you are buying online. With RamaDBK we make purchasing a vehicle very easy. With fully disclosed information customer can rest assured on what they are purchasing. From the real condition to real mileage with RamaDBK you purchase with confidence. Mr. Fancies who is from Mozambique was one of the customers who has purchased his Toyota Coaster bus from RamaDBK.  Mr. Francis contacted RamaDBK sales person Mr. Buddhisha looking for a bus for the use of his company and was pleasantly surprised the Profesional service provided by RamaDBK and proceeded to purchase a Coaster bus. The procedure was made simple by Mr. Buddhisha who followed up and updated Mr. Francis with all the information and as per usual RamaDBK shipped the vehicle on time.

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 Mr. Francis on behalf of his company thanked Mr. Buddhisha and RamaDBK for being professional and most of all delivering promised services. Further promised to purchase all of the company requirement exclusively from RamaDBK.

Public date: October 9th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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