A Malaysian customer gets an experience of a lifetime!


 Established in 1988 and with 30 plus years’ experience RamaDBK always attracts new customers who look for a Trustworthy vehicle supplier. Plus RamaDBK has received certifications from all Major organizations putting new customers’ minds at ease when purchasing vehicles with us. Further RamaDBK is one of few companies has received PEKEMA certification from Malaysia which is essential when exporting vehicles to Malaysia. Mr. Abdul who was looking for suitable vehicle supplier from Japan met with our Sales Person Saham who is very much experienced in vehicle exporting to Malaysia. Mr. Abdul who is looking for small to medium vehicles such as Toyota Wish, Alphard and Motorcycles such as Harley Davidson, Kawasaki was given a detailed information of Japanese auctions and the bidding procedures, even he was given the opportunity to bid for his own vehicle, experience he will never forget. Mr. Abdul expressed his deepest gratitude to Saham and RamaDBK for the excellent service given to him.

 RamaDBK is a pioneer company with a strong foundation to support any vehicle business in any country with a growing customer base. So If you are a similar customer with any vehicle requirement contact us today.

Public date: October 2nd, 2019
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