Major vehicle dealer of Sri Lanka visits Rama DBK head office.


 When establishing local vehicle dealership in any country you need a great reputed company to provide stable supply of vehicles with unmatched services and that’s why many of the Sri Lankan dealers look towards RamaDBK Japan. Established in 1988 RamaDBK has grown to be a trusted name among Sri Lanka as premier vehicle supplier. Mr. Vishwanadan, a vehicle dealer from Sri Lanka who has great plans to develop his business came to Japan meet exclusively with RamaDBK so he can plan his future business with us. Mr. Nuwan who is a very experienced Sales Coordinator for Sri Lanka met with Mr. Vishwanadan and provided with all the information requested. Mr. Nuwan further explained what more vehicles will be ideal for Sri Lankan market and how RamaDBK can give you services that helps company grow.  Mr. Vishwanadan expressed his gratitude for the meeting and the information he received and left Japan with great confidence in his choice of choosing RamaDBK japan.

 RamaDBK always look to tailor made solutions for customers depending on their countries so they can get the needed information without errors and RamaDBK can be a foundation of their business growth. We take pleasure in providing great services to growing business so we can grow together.

Public date: September 27th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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