Customer from Bermuda sends a thanks message to RamaDBK.

Harold with his new truck from RamaDBK

Harold is the owner of a small company in Bermuda, paradise like islands in the Caribbean. He needed a small truck for his business, but as he couldn’t find the right vehicle on his island, he had to import one from abroad. After asking for advice to people who had imported cars from Japan before, a friend recommended to Harold an exporter that had shipped many vehicles to Bermuda and to nearby countries, RamaDBK ltd. Harold checked the website first, and then sent an enquiry by email. A sales coordinator from RamaDBK, Mrs Nadiya, called him and asked him about his actual needs. Soon afterwards, Nadiya sent quotations and offers with pictures for several small trucks. Harold chose one that was looking nearly as new. A few weeks after the payment, the truck arrived in the port. Harold was very happy with the quality of the vehicle, perfect for his company. Then, he decided to write a message to thank Nadiya and to recommend RamaDBK:


“This was the first time I have imported a vehicle. I have to say it was a bit of a worry to begin with, but I can now say it was a positive experience . During the process the staff of RamaDBK, and especially my sales coordinator Mrs Nadiya, quickly answered all of my questions and concerns .

The truck I purchased was almost 3 years old , but it was very close to a new truck along with low mileage  ! I am super happy with RamaDBk , the truck , the customer service and lastly the price of the vehicle and will recommend to all interested in importing a vehicle here in Bermuda or Worldwide !

Yours Sincerely ,

Harold, Bermuda”

 Nadiya and RamaDBK team are very pleased with the nice message of Harold, giving us courage to do always more to satisfy our customers all over the world.

Public date: September 3rd, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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