RamaDBK delivers a new Honda CR-V to a customer in Sri Lanka.


Nuwan is a vehicle dealer is Matale, in the center province of Sri Lanka, where tea is cultivated on the slopes of hills and mountains. This time, Nuwan received an order from one of his customers for a new Honda CR-V, a very popular model in Sri Lanka. As usual, Nuwan contacted his sales coordinator at RamaDBK, Abdul Basith, to get offers and quotations up to Hambantota port. Abdul offered several cars in perfect condition for a very reasonable price. Nuwan showed the cars to his customer, who chose one of the vehicles, perfect for transporting his family around the country side in Matale. Once the Letter of Credit requested by the administration for importing any vehicle in Sri Lanka, the process was very quick and simple. The car was delivered very rapidly within a few weeks to Hambantota port and then remitted to its final user. The customer was so happy with the vehicle, in perfect condition, that he sent a picture of the car with him and his son to RamaDBK sales coordinator Abdul Basith. Nuwan thanked also Abdul for his outstanding service, sure to order other vehicles from him soon for other customers in Matale.


RamaDBK is one of the most popular Japanese vehicle exporters to Sri Lanka. Thousands of customers purchased their car from RamaDBK and they are coming back to RamaDBK whenever they need a new vehicle from Japan.

Public date: August 26th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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