RamaDBK delivers a fuel tank truck to the owner of a gas station in Maldives.

Mr Zaheen with his new fuel tank truck from RamaDBK

Mr Zaheen is the owner of a gas station in Maldives, an archipelago of paradise like islands in the Indian Ocean, South West of Sri Lanka, with beautiful white sand beaches. He needed a small fuel tank truck in very good condition to fill his gas station when needed. In order to get the right truck, Mr Zaheen contacted a specialist, RamaDBK, an exporter of professional specialty vehicles from Japan renowned for the quality of its vehicles. After sending an enquiry on RamaDBK website, a sales coordinator from RamaDBK, Mr Amila Rodrigo, contacted Mr Zaheen to get necessary information to offer the right truck. Amila understood that Mr Zaheen was looking for a small fuel tank truck in very good condition and very reliable that can be used many years. Amila offered several small fuel tank trucks available from local sellers on the Japanese market and discussed the advantages of each vehicle with the customer. Mr Zaheen decided to purchase a beautiful blue color Hino Dutro fuel tank truck. Once the payment was received the process was very quick: the truck was purchased from the local seller, the fuel tank was cleaned and decontaminated for shipment, and the shipment by container was done on the first vessel available to Maldives. Within a few weeks the truck arrived in the port of Male, the capital of Maldives. Mr Zaheen was very happy with the quality of the fuel tank truck, in perfect working condition and looking even better than on the pictures sent by Amila. To thank him for his outstanding service Mr Zaheen sent pictures of him with his new fuel tank truck from RamaDBK.

High quality fuel tank truck from RamaDBK

RamaDBK is not only an exporter of high quality passenger cars, but it is also a specialist of new and used specialty vehicles for professionals. Whatever vehicle you need, you should contact RamaDBK. Our sales team will offer you the best solutions from Japan for the right price.

Public date: August 8th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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