Customer sends a message after receiving his new Toyota Premio from RamaDBK.

Walter with his new Toyota Premio from RamaDBK

Walter lives in Nakuru, the fourth most populated city of Kenya, situated in the Rift valley. He needed a new car, reliable and comfortable, for his family. As he could not find the right car in the dealerships of his town, Walter decided to import the car by himself directly from Japan. He chose one of the most reputed Japanese exporter of vehicle, RamaDBK, a company that has been delivering thousands of cars in Kenya over the last 30 years. Walter checked first RamaDBK website, and he asked for the model he was interested in, the Toyota Premio, in a beautiful red wine color. He phoned to RamaDBK and talked to RamaDBK sales coordinator Anfash. The contact with Anfash was very good immediately, and Walter could get several good offers of wine color Toyota Premio, in perfect condition and for a reasonable price. Walter chose one of the cars and requested a proforma invoice to Anfash. A few weeks after the payment, the car arrived in Mombasa port. The whole process was very quick and easy.

The new Toyota Premio shipped by RamaDBK

Walter was very happy with the outstanding service of Anfash and sent him a message to thank him for his efforts:

“I am happy to have worked with you Anfash. I will surely come for another deal and bring more people to RamaDBK.

For RamaDBK as a whole, that was a good team work. I appreciate how you guided me through the auction process until I won the car of my choice.

Viva. That was great of you people. You people are really professionals. l will continue using these platform we have created for more business.

Many thanks for your support.      Walter ”


RamaDBK team is exporting passenger cars and professional vehicles all over the world, keeping in mind that the satisfaction of the customer is of utmost importance. Customer service begins from the first contact with the customer until the car is delivered to its final user. If you cannot find the vehicle you need in your place, just try RamaDBK.

Public date: July 23rd, 2019
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