Customer offers a BMW from RamaDBK to his son.


Mr. Chaminda is an executive at the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology in Sri Lanka. As his son has come of age and is now a student at the University, Mr. Chaminda decided to offer him his first car. As a special gift for his son, Mr. Chaminda wanted to offer him a car in the best condition. Mr. Chaminda knew that the best place to find the perfect car for his son was RamaDBK, a famous exporter of vehicles from Japan to Sri Lanka. Mr. Chaminda discussed with his son to know what would be an ideal car for him and then, he contacted RamaDBK, asking to source the vehicle directly from Japan. RamaDBK sales coordinator, Mr Abdul Basith, listened carefully the indications of his customer and began searching the right car from the Japanese local market. Soon, Abdul came back to Mr. Chaminda with the pictures and details of a beautiful BMW 3 series sports edition, in a beautiful white color, loaded with great options. The son of Mr. Chaminda loved the car immediately. After opening LC, the shipment of the car was very quick and within a few weeks, the car was delivered in Hambantota port. Mr. Chaminda was very happy with the car and with the outstanding service of his sales coordinator at RamaDBK, Mr Abdul Basith. To thank him for all his efforts, Mr. Chaminda sent picutres of his son with his new car and a nice message:

“Thanks, it is very good. It is in my home now”

RamaDBK is a leading exporter of passenger cars, trucks and buses to Sri Lanka, as our specialists give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. Whenever you need a car for Sri Lanka, RamaDBK is the right place to contact.

Public date: July 18th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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