RamaDBK delivers a Toyota Coaster school bus to a nursery school in Kenya.

RamaDBK delivers a Toyota Coaster bus to a nursery school in Kenya

Shazia is managing a nursery school near Nairobi, the capital of Kenya in East Africa. Some children coming to school from rather far away, Shazia was looking for a solution to help them to commute easily and securely. She heard about the possibility to source school buses in very good condition, perfectly adapted to the transport of small children, directly from Japan. After some research on Internet, Shazia found information about a reputed exporter of professional vehicles that is delivering many buses, trucks and vans to East African countries. This company is RamaDBK, a pioneer in the export of used and new vehicles from Japan to Right Hand Drive markets all over the world. Shazia sent an inquiry and was soon contacted by Dilan, a sales coordinator from RamaDBK. Dilan asked many questions about the actual needs of the nursery school, and then he began sending offers of school buses. Among those buses, Shazia liked especially a beautiful Toyota Coaster bus in perfect condition. After sending a payment, the bus was shipped on the first vessel available leaving for Mombasa port. Within one month, the bus was delivered to the nursery school. The parents and the teachers were very happy with the new school bus that will bring a great improvement to the quality of life of the families of the children coming to the school. As thanks to Dilan for his outstanding service, Shazia sent a nice picture of a small girl of the nursery school standing before the new school bus.

RamaDBK team is committed to making life better to people even in the most remote places in the world by shipping high quality vehicles equipped with the most advanced functions available on the Japanese market. If you need a vehicle from Japan, please just contact RamaDBK.

Public date: July 9th, 2019
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