A young New Zealand customer buys a car from Rama DBK.


Mr Mahen is a young man in his thirties living in New Zealand. He likes agile and powerful small cars that react well and rapidly to the will of the driver, perfect to drive in the city as well as in the country side. Mr Mahen was dreaming to purchase a Volkswagen Golf GTI, an iconic sporty and practical small car. He had been looking for an affordable one in good condition on the local market in New Zealand, but he could not find the right one. One day, he heard about the possibility to import a car directly from abroad. Europe is way too far from New Zealand and most European countries are left hand drive, but Japan is not so far away and the cars used there are right hand drive just as in New Zealand. Mr Mahen searched reliable Japanese exporters on the Internet and he soon found RamaDBK, a company with more than 30 years of experience, shipping any kind of vehicle from Japan all over the world. He sent an inquiry and he was immediately contacted by Dilan, a sales coordinator from RamaDBK. It happens that Dilan is also an enthusiast of sporty cars. The communication between Mr Mahen and Dilan was very good from the beginning. Dilan searched cars on the Japanese local market until he found the perfect Vokswagen Golf GTI, a year 2014 model, in very good condition, in a beautiful white color. Mr Mahen liked the car since the first sight. Dilan sent a proforma invoice for the car and a few weeks after the payment was received, the car was delivered in Auckland, the main port in New Zealand. Mr Mahen was very happy with his experience with Dilan and with RamaDBK. He sent several pictures of himself with his new Volkswagen Golf GTI to thank Dilan for his outstanding service.


RamaDBK is providing any type of vehicle available on the Japanese market to customers all over the world. You just have to ask for it, if the vehicle exists, RamaDBK will deliver it to you rapidly under the best conditions.

Public date: July 2nd, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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