Customer from Korea requests Left Hand Drive Japanese vehicles to RamaDBK.


Vincent is an exporter of second hand vehicles in Korea. He is regularly shipping cars manufactured in Korea for his customers in Africa, in South America or in the Middle East. Yet, as Japanese cars are very popular in the countries of his customers, he wants to expand his offers to Japanese vehicles also. The difficulty is that vehicles in Japan are generally Right Hand Drive, with the steering wheel on the right side, while his customers want Left Hand Drive vehicles complying with their import regulations. In order to make some progress in his project, Vincent came to Japan and visited RamaDBK, an exporter with several dozens year of experience and a large network of partners on the Japanese local market. Vincent explained his project to RamaDBK sales coordinator Lionel and left him a list of left hand drive vehicles to find on the Japanese market. There are only few Left Hand Drive vehicles in Japan, most of them imported from America or from Europe, but it should still be possible to find some in good condition for a reasonable price.

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Public date: June 7th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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