Customers from Australia ask for buses to make mobile homes.

Richard and his friend are living near Melbourne in the South of Australia. As he loves moving across his immense and still wild country, Richard has decided to build by himself a mobile home from a small second hand bus, which is quite common in Australia or in New Zealand. In order to get the right bus, Richard came to Japan to visit a specialist exporter of second hand buses, RamaDBK. He met with Mr Kaga, RamaDBK’s sales manager, and with Lionel, a sales coordinator. Richard requested offers for 4WD Toyota Coaster buses, a rare model but that is very good for driving off roads on the country side. RamaDBK has a wide network of partners on the Japanese local vehicle market that can provide nearly any type of vehicles. There is no doubt that Richard will get soon the right 4WD Coaster bus for his project from RamaDBK.

RamaDBK is a specialist of used trucks and buses exporting vehicles all over the world. Whatever Japanese vehicle you need, please ask RamaDBK. Our sales team will search the right vehicle for you for the best price.

Public date: June 5th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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