Customer in Tanzania receives his new bus from RamaDBK.


Mr. Sambayi is managing his own transport company in the Iringa region, in the center of Tanzania. For his business, he is using buses and vans of several different sizes. He prefers buses made in Japan, as their quality is generally excellent, and as they can be used for a long time on Tanzanian roads. Mr. Sambayi has been purchasing buses from RamaDBK for many years, as he has a very good partnership relation with sales coordinator at RamaDBK, Amila Rodrigo. Amila is doing his best to bring satisfaction to his customer, offering the most popular models of buses in Tanzania in the best condition for a fair price. This time, Mr. Sambayi purchased a medium size Isuzu bus to use for commuting around the city of Iringa. As he was very happy with the quality of the bus and with the outstanding service of Amila, Mr. Sambayi sent several pictures of the bus arrived at his home, with his little brother and his baby.


RamaDBK is a renowned exporter of used and new Japanese trucks and buses. Whenever you need a vehicle for your business or for private use, please contact RamaDBK. Our sales coordinators will make you great offers for the best vehicles available on the Japanese market.

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Public date: May 24th, 2019
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