RamaDBK delivers a very good Toyota Axio to a customer in Jamaica

Gregory is a vehicle dealer in the suburbs of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica in the Caribbean. A lady from his city visited the shop and requested a white color Toyota Axio, in very good condition, pearl white color, for a reasonable price. As Gregory didnt have the right vehicle in his own stock, he decided to source the Toyota Axio directly from Japan. He contacted RamaDBK, a famous vehicle exporter providing many high quality cars, trucks and buses to the Jamaican market.

The sales coordinator, Mrs Madusha, began searching Toyota Axio on the Japanese market that would correspond perfectly to the needs of Gregory’s customer. Within a few weeks, Madusha had purchased a beautiful pearl white color Toyota Axio in very good condition on order for Gregory. With a first payment, the car was shipped and arrived rapidly in Kingston port. The customer of Gregory was very happy with her new car. Gregory nicely sent Madusha a picture of the remittance of the Toyota Axio to the customer. Madusha was very happy as she could see that her customer was fully satisfied with her service.

RamaDBK is shipping many passenger cars, trucks and buses to the Caribbean. For vehicles in very good condition and for safe deals, you can rely on RamaDBK.


Toyota Axio in very good condition delivered by RamaDBK in Jamaica

Public date: April 29th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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