Customers from Bangladesh come to RamaDBK to get trucks for construction.


Mr Arfat and Mr Kumar are managers at a major construction company in Bangladesh in South Asia. As the construction sector is booming in their country, they need to increase rapidly their fleet of mixer trucks, dump trucks, trailer heads and construction machineries. Mr Arfat and Mr Kumar decided to come directly to Japan to find potential partners to provide them with high quality trucks. One of the companies they wanted to visit during their stay in Japan is RamaDBK, a leading exporter of used and new professional vehicles in Japan. They came to our office in Yokohama and they met with Tishan, a specialist of heavy equipment and machineries. Tishan offered them many high quality mixer trucks and excavators from the Japanese local market. The customers were very happy with his offers, perfectly relevant and reasonably priced. Mr Arfat and Kumar left Japan sure to have found the right partner for the development of their business. There is no doubt that they will purchase many trucks and machineries with Tishan from RamaDBK.

RamaDBK can deliver any kind of Japanese equipment for construction. When you need concrete mixer trucks, concrete pump trucks or excavators, RamaDBK is the right place to visit to get the best offers from the Japanese local market.

Public date: April 19th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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