RamaDBK delivers a Toyota Voltz to a customer in Tanzania.


Melchizedeck is working in a NGO based in Dar Es Salaam, the main economic city in Tanzania, East Africa. As he has to drive a lot for his work, he wanted to purchase a strong and reliable hatchback car, Right Hand Drive as required by import regulations in Tanzania. As Mechizedeck had heard about RamaDBK, a second hand vehicle exporter that has a strong customer base in Tanzania, he decided to send an inquiry asking for a cheap Toyota Hatchback in good condition. The same day, RamaDBK sales coordinator Madusha contacted him. Madusha asked several questions to understand the real needs of Melchizedeck and then, she sent him offers for several models by email, with pictures and a quotation up to Dar Es Salaam. Melchizedeck chose a beautiful gray color Toyota Voltz. A few days after paying for the car, he received the shipping schedule and the car was shipped rapidly afterwards. Melchizedeck was very happy with the condition of the car when he received it in the port of Dar Es Salaam. Melchizedeck wrote Madusha that he is thinking that he is very lucky to have got this Toyota Voltz. Of course, it is not just luck, Madusha made great efforts to find a vehicle in very good condition that she was sure it would make her customer happy.

RamaDBK is exporting high quality Japanese new and used vehicles all over the world, both for individual customer who need a car for their personal use, and for professionals who need a vehicle with tools for their business. Whatever Made In Japan vehicle you need, RamaDBK is the right place to get the best ones.

Public date: April 15th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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