Customer from Democratic Republic of Congo receives his new Crane roll truck from RamaDBK.

Customer from Congo receives his Isuzu crane roll truck from RamaDBK

Jules is a businessman in Bukavu, a wealthy city on the East border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, near lake Kivu. He has been importing vehicles regularly, mainly Mitsubishi trucks, from RamaDBK over the past few years. This time, Jules needed a truck with a crane and rollers on the top of the frame, to carry large bins used to collect garbage, or to move some wrecked vehicles. He called his sales coordinator, Amila Rodrigo, to ask him for some advice about the types of trucks available in Japan. Amila sent him several offers with pictures and explained about the differences and the advantages of each type of vehicle on the phone. Jules made his mind for a Mitsubishi Fuso Mignon, with 6D17 engine, a very popular engine model in East Africa, and with a powerful crane and rollers fixed at the rear of the frame. Jules sent a payment for the truck so that Amila could arrange the shipment of the vehicle on the soonest vessel. One month later, when the truck was delivered at the border in Congo, Jules could see that the truck was as good as Amila showed on pictures. Jules was very happy with the condition of his new truck and he decided to send a picture of himself with his new truck just arrived to Amila to thank him for his outstanding service.

RamaDBK is a specialist of Japanese trucks and buses that gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction. RamaDBK sales coordinators make sure that the vehicles they are offering correspond really to the needs of customers and are in good enough condition. When you need a vehicle for your business, please contact RamaDBK to get the best offers from Japan.

Public date: April 8th, 2019
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