Customer receives a brand new Toyota Aqua from RamaDBK.

Customer receives his brand new Toyota Aqua from RamaDBK

Rondy lives on a small island in the Indian Ocean, near Mauritius. He wanted to purchase a brand new car in perfect condition, but he could not find the exact model he was looking for in blue color. For him, the right solution was to import the vehicle directly from Japan. Talking with relatives, Rondy heard about RamaDBK, a vehicle exporter from Japan famous for the quality of its cars and trucks. Rondy checked RamaDBK website and he sent an enquiry for his favorite model, the Toyota Aqua, in blue color, new, without mileage at the odometer. The next day, RamaDBK sales coordinator Mr Abdul Basith was sending several offers of Toyota Aqua in perfect condition, with a complete quotation up to Rondy’s island. Since that time, the export process was very quick: Rondy had just to send a payment for the vehicle and within a few weeks the container arrived in the port . The new car is in perfect condition and after the customs clearing, Rondy could drive it immediately from the port to his home. He was so happy that he sent a picture of himself and a message to Abdul to thank him for his outstanding service: “The car is really nice”.

RamaDBK can ship new or second hand vehicles rapidly anywhere in the world, either by Roll On Roll Off, on the deck of a ship, or by container. Wherever you live, don’t hesitate to ask for a quotation from RamaDBK when you need a vehicle from Japan.

Public date: March 29th, 2019
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