Customer from Sri Lanka loves his new Honda CR-V from RamaDBK.


Mr Chandima is the general manager of a company in the fashion industry living in a rich suburb of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. He was looking for a new car of high standing, reliable and powerful at the same time, for his family. After considering several models of SUVs, he decided to purchase a new Honda CR-V registered for the first time in year 2019. Mr Chandima contacted RamaDBK, one of the main exporters of Japanese passenger cars and buses to Sri Lanka, in order to import a Honda CR-V in perfect condition directly from Japan. Mohomad Zahran, a sales coordinator from RamaDBK, replied rapidly to Mr Chandima offering him several CR-Vs in perfect condition. Mr Chandima just had to choose the vehicle he liked most. He opened the Letter of Credit (LC) at his bank and within a few weeks the car was delivered in Hambantota port. Mr Chandima was very satisfied with the service of Zahran who made the import process quick and easy to understand. To thank him for his outstanding service, Mr Chandima sent Zahran a picture of his new CR-V parked at his home.


RamaDBK has more than 30 years in exporting vehicles to Sri Lanka and to many other countries in the world. If you need a new vehicle, just try RamaDBK, you will not be disappointed.

Public date: March 8th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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