RamaDBK delivers a Mitsubishi Fighter tipper truck to a customer in Tanzania.

Customer from Tanzania happy with his new Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter dump truck from RamaDBK.

Deogratious is a vehicle dealer in Arusha in the North of Tanzania. He has been importing vehicles from RamaDBK, his favorite exporter in Japan, for many years already. A few months ago, a customer contacted Deogratious to ask him for a Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 4 tons dump truck with bed cabin. This model is very popular in East Africa, but it has become quite rare on the Japanese local market. Fortunately, RamaDBK, a specialist of second hand professional vehicles, could find rapidly a very good tipper truck on the local market in Japan. Amila Rodrigo, the sales coordinator working for Deogratious, organized the shipment on the first vessel available leaving for Africa. The truck was delivered in Dar Es Salaam port, just a few weeks after Deogratious paid for the vehicle. As usual, Deogratious was happy with the good quality of the vehicle provided by RamaDBK. To thank Amila for his outstanding service, he sent a picture of his customer standing next to his new truck.

RamaDBK has three decades of experience in shipping passenger cars and professional vehicles, like trucks, buses or van, to Africa and to many other Right Hand Drive countries in the world. Whatever Japanese truck, bus or car you need, you will find the best quality, for a reasonable price, at RamaDBK.

Public date: February 28th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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